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Decorative Flake Floor
If you are looking for a floor that can transform your space from dull to spectacular, then look no further than TerraChip.

A beautiful mosaic pattern is created by vinyl acrylic flakes which are embedded into industrial strength epoxy. This creates a seamless, decorative system that brightens up your room and hides existing flaws in your floor. Your beautiful new look is protected with the advanced polyurea technology of TerraThane. This solvent free clear coat provides protection from damaging UV light as well as chemical and stain resistance.

Want some additional traction for when the floor is wet? No problem, just incorporate TerraGrip into the clear coat to create a customized texture that will provide the slip resistance you require. Love the TerraChip system but don’t really want a super high gloss floor? Again, no problem; use TerraThane Satin to provide a uniform satin finish.

TerraChip’s combination of looks, performance, and versatility make it the premiere decorative coating system available. From garage floors to hospitals, locker rooms to automotive showrooms, from classrooms to commercial kitchens, TerraChip is the look you want with the performance you need.