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Multi-colored Quartz Floor
This classic multi-colored quartz floor is the perfect combination of rugged durability and beauty.  The 1/8” thick system provides a seamless barrier of protection for your concrete that can handle more aggressive environments than typical decorative systems.  Wet processing areas and tough physical abuse are not a problem for TerraQuartz, but this performance is not at the expense of aesthetics.  The blended quartz aggregate creates a beautiful tweed appearance.

While other manufacturers can provide quartz floors, aifllooring’s clear coat technology makes TerraQuartz the superior choice.  Standard quartz floors can dull and fade in a matter of months, or even weeks, but the light stable technology in the Sealer LS and TerraThane clear coats ensure that your TerraQuartz floor looks great for years to come. 

With TerraQuartz, you get the performance that an 1/8” epoxy system provides with the lasting beauty that only aiflooring can provide.