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Unique Artistic Coating
TerraTono is the decorative coating system that adds an artistic, creative flair to any room.  Designed to produce an “Old World”  stain-like appearance, TerraTono stands far apart from other decorative coating systems. It is an ideal solution for commercial applications such as restaurant and retail stores.

This specialty coating outperforms conventional concrete staining methods, while not suffering the limitations that traditional staining methods encounter.  Are there existing  coatings and/or sealers on your slab?  No problem.  You want to obtain this look across different concrete pours?  TerraTono can do that.   Does you slab require patching before application of the system?  Not an issue with TerraTono. 

TerraTono is available in a variety of colors to meet your design needs.  And it is also available in 2 finishes—the traditional high gloss finish, or a satin finish.  Either will provide you with superior performance to protect the unique look of your space.
Elevate your floor with TerraTono.