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TerraThane 1

TerraThane 1

One Day Floor
Looking for that classic TerraChip look but need it fast? TerraThane 1 can deliver.

TerraThane 1’s rapid cure allows for a TerraChip system to be installed in a matter of hours and returned to service as early as the next day. And a quick installation doesn’t have to be complicated - TerraThane 1 is a single product that is used as primer, chip base coat, and clear coat. With excellent adhesion to prepared concrete, and superior UV stability and stain resistance on par with the standard TerraThane, TerraThane 1 is an excellent choice to create your own spectacular space. The vinyl-acrylic paint flakes create the beautiful mosaic pattern. TerraThane 1 will make it last.

In addition to its quick cure, TerraThane 1 can be applied in colder conditions when standard epoxies are simply too slow.

TerraThane 1—fast, simple, beautiful.